First things first…

I’m starting a blog to track development on my RPG, Olusia. I’d rather go into further detail in long format posts on specific sections of the game including setting, controls, gameplay etc – so this is just a brief first entry.

Olusia is a top-down RPG that takes inspiration from roguelikes, classic tabletop RPGs, and real time action games. I have tried to embrace an intersection of what makes these games fun: engaging combat and controls, emergent gameplay via randomisation and procedural events, challenging through permadeath and careful design – and most of all, a setting worth getting stuck into.

In my next few posts, I’m hoping to go over some core details about how the game plays, and then go into detail about the setting etc.

The game is at a very early stage!

Almost all of the art assets are not complete or indicative of the intention, and most of the systems are only partially implemented. But I have plenty to outline anyway, and hopefully it will be worth reading.