As with all good RPGs, Olusia has a robust dialogue system. This will be a short post outlining some of the approaches I took.

I’ve modeled my dialogue system somewhat on the brilliant examples found in classic games such as Baldurs Gate or , and sprinkled on a few of the innovations seen in more modern games such as Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity.

Here’s an example picture:

As expected, the player will be able to respond to the NPC to have a conversation, with a range of presented options. These options will expand dynamically based on character traits or statistics – if they’re high in charisma, they might try complimenting or bribing an NPC; if they’re insane, they may unlock some less savoury options…

One of my favourite modern interventions in this space I first saw in the game Tyranny. This was the “mouse over” functionality that enabled the player to hover over words to pull up a glossary-style definition. I’d never seen it used before, but now it seems so obvious and intuitive that it’s baffling it was never attempted. It lets the dialogue writer cut down on needless exposition and effortlessly provides additional context without breaking conversational flow.