Development Update – November ’19

Work continues. I have spent a lot of time crunching bugs and making foundations for important future work.

I’ve gotten a substantial amount done on the calendar system. Date and time is now recorded and proceeds cyclically, and the day/night cycle is fully in place and reflected across game systems. Here’s a basic look at the cycle, sped up significantly:

The tweet was from October, but now the system is much more developed.

I’ve also been working on the inventory: now, finally, droppable, equippable items are fully implemented and networkable. The UI is still incomplete and in need of work, but the functionality is there:

Picking up some junk in a test area

I’ve also started working on the AI systems. This is important – before now, the AI was the very basic “run at and hit” sort. Now, they record relationships with characters, can patrol, have different states, and will respond more “humanly” in combat. There’s some work yet to do, which I hope to outline in a specific upcoming post.

Finally, I’ve improved some of my development tools, making it much easier to place actors and dialogue trees.

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