Development Update – June ’20

Once again I have slipped a little on offering a development update. As is obvious to anyone reading this, there has been a pandemic, and the ongoing covid situation has taken up a lot of time and concern, so things have been considerably slower than I had hoped for. All the same I have made some progress, and I hope the groundwork I’ve done here will help me iterate quicker in future.

Updates as follows:

  • AI work:
    • Refactored base behaviour
    • Redesigned senses: AI now does proper vision tracing and can hear things to respond to them
    • Added stimuli-response logic
    • Added behavioural relationship logic between AIs (can distinguish between friend and foe)
    • Added threat logic
    • Fixed numerous bugs with AI routine processing
    • Made movement logic more efficient
    • Recreated basic attack routines to be more believable and more “fluid”
    • Added interaction logic
  • Tooling:
    • Updated prtoject to latest UE4 engine version
    • Retargeted solution to use VS2019
    • Edited project to be compatible with ReSharper C++
    • Housekept project to remove old and unused data, revamped structure
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Integrated external tools for asset production for landscapes (more on this in future)
    • Fixed dozens of bugs
    • Worked on in-game map art
    • Planned numerous quest lines
    • 10,000 words of quest text

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